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Clifford’s Story


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The groundwork for Canine Karma was laid years ago on a cold, winter night in the parking lot of a local Mexican restaurant. The “biggest, reddest” dog I had ever seen was running wild and decided to claim me as his own. I’m not sure if it was the margaritas or “destiny”, but I decided to take him home, give him a nice meal, warm bed and relaxing massage. As quickly as he snored himself to sleep, he had worked his way into my heart and home. That was the first night and beginning of our journey together.

“Clifford” eventually developed some challenging behaviors reacting to dogs, school buses, garbage trucks, UPS, FedEx and mail trucks. Walking him in the neighborhood turned into a trip filled with anxiety and strained muscles as all 90 pounds of him lunged, growled and slobbered at all passing dogs and most vehicles. I became hyper-vigilant, constantly on the look-out for any approaching triggers. His behavior was embarrassing, to say the least, and very dangerous as it led to a fracture of 2 of my fingers. We tried many training techniques offered in the Toledo area by various trainers. Most of them did not work and our relationship started to break down. Eventually, it was the work of Ali Brown, a national trainer and author that I brought to Toledo that altered our course. Clifford and I were able to work together through our Reactive Dog Protocol and eventually ended up competing and winning Rally trials all the while working very closely with other dogs. What an accomplishment! This different way of training and communicating with Clifford completely changed our relationship and formed an unbreakable bond.

Unfortunately, my big, red dog developed osteosarcoma at the age of nine. That was another journey we took together and I was able to be with him to the very end. Even at the end, he inspired me to help others going through the same painful experience, and together we created an “End of Life Resource Guide” for pet parents.

Clifford’s brave and generous spirit continues to be felt at Canine Karma. We have created 100’s of calm, content canines AND their companions by blending the science of positive reinforcement training with holistic services in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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