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Designed for those dogs that are fearful and shy of people and their environment. The pace is determined by your dog and consists of 8 private sessions with the goal to build confidence in your dog. We use attention and “go out” cues, a confidence course, different people, sounds objects and textures to accomplish this.


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“I found Canine Karma on Facebook & knew I had to get my youngest boxer Jaz in for reactive dog protocol. He was going after my other 3 boxers & very anxious outside of our home. I knew something had to be done to correct the behavior but quickly learned I had to change as well. Thanks to Tina we’ve eliminated most issues at home & now started taking him in public with good results. His favorite place to go is “school” & has impressed me with his ability to learn the obstacle courses so well. I highly recommend all the classes, there’s always room to learn & improve.” ~ Deb Kocher

“Thanks to Tina and her reactive dog protocol Remy is a whole new dog! Before Tina’s class, taking walks was miserable. We were constantly pulled as Remy was reactive to everything! Now we start everyday with at least a 1 mile walk with no reaction. This class has given us the handling skills to be able to do almost anything with our boy now.” ~ Taylor Tuttle

Toledo's best dog training  Toledo's best dog training

Canine Karma is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.


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