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Reactive Dog Traning

Designed specifically for Reactive Dogs or “Dogs that go berserk when they see other dogs.” It is a series of 8 private lessons that combine advanced handling skills, body language, strong attention work and basic grounding cues applied in a controlled setting. We slowly add in the distraction of other dogs and advance each team as they are ready. We have had over 100 teams graduate from this program and are now calmly walking their dogs with new confidence and skills.

Most training takes place on the weekends. Contact us to reserve your spot.

Price of Protocol: $395.00


We also offer Reactive Dog Practice Sessions and Reactive Dog Rally


“I found Canine Karma on Facebook & knew I had to get my youngest boxer Jaz in for reactive dog protocol. He was going after my other 3 boxers & very anxious outside of our home. I knew something had to be done to correct the behavior but quickly learned I had to change as well. Thanks to Tina we’ve eliminated most issues at home & now started taking him in public with good results. His favorite place to go is “school” & has impressed me with his ability to learn the obstacle courses so well. I highly recommend all the classes, there’s always room to learn & improve.” ~ Deb Kocher

“Thanks to Tina and her reactive dog protocol Remy is a whole new dog! Before Tina’s class, taking walks was miserable. We were constantly pulled as Remy was reactive to everything! Now we start everyday with at least a 1 mile walk with no reaction. This class has given us the handling skills to be able to do almost anything with our boy now.” ~ Taylor Tuttle


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